I have great pleasure in welcoming you to St.Jude’s Convent school in this new academic year. A new academic year is always a challenging as well as an exciting time for the staff and also the students. At St.Jude school our priority is to provide a safe and supportive environment that nurtures, encourages and guides pupils in preparation for their future as valuable members of the society. I feel honoured to be the Principal of such a vibrant school which has offered great opportunities to a lot of children over the last 41 years. In future, we will continue to excel in bringing out the best in our children. Our students will be our priority, while working along with their parents/guardians. We will not be complacent with our achievements but will be constantly comparing with other best schools, analyzing and learning from our own experiences, so that we can continue to improve. A greater part of an individual’s character building happens at school level. At St.Jude’s Convent School, our aim is to help children to build a strong character base, along with quality education, so that they can build on it and develop into excellent human beings. My humble message to all of you is to be truthful to yourself in living your life. It starts with knowing who you are and accepting yourself; Knowing your strengths, Passions, Limitations and purpose in life. I sincerely hope at St Jude School, we will be able to help and guide you early in your life journey, which is based on truth, love, honesty, respect/self respect and non-materialistic ideology. Thank you and May the good God bless you all.