I am very glad to know that the school is bringing out a News bulletin briefly describing the various activities the school had during the course of the scholastic year 2016-17. I appreciate the Principal, the Staff and the Parents for the excellent work they have done together to bring out the best in our children and inculcate in them the moral values with which they must grow to become the best of personalities we require in our society today and in the future. I appreciate and congratulate all the students who have done well in the past year and have contributed their might for the development of each other through good behavior and learning from each other. Now that the scholastic year is over and as we move forward it is time to look back at what we have accomplished and where we went wrong. As we begin a new let us not be overconfident about what we have achieved but move ahead correcting our mistakes and trying our best to do better. Let what Franklin D.Roosevelt said about the youth be in our mind, “We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.” As we begin the New Year let us pray to God that He be on our side always.